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TIRFOR TU and T500 series

TU serie


T500 serie

  • The TIRFOR lifting and pulling machines are safe, reliable and efficient. Suitable for many applications, TIRFOR machines are lever operated hoists using a separate wire rope. One-man operated, using a telescopic operating handle, they can work in any position and over any height of lift. They can replace conventional winches and other hoists for many applications.

  • The wire rope for the TIRFOR machine is not a standard production rope ; it has been developed specially to suit the TIRFOR machine.

  • Works in any position horizontal, vertical or angled.

  • Unlimited length of wire rope.

  • Increase the nominal capacity with multiple sheave blocks.

  • Whether lifting or lowering, the load is permanently controlled with the utmost precision; when operation stops, the loads is spread between the two jaw blocks.

  • Salety device to prevent overloading.

  • TU range approved lor man-riding applications.

  • Fast and easy installation.

  • Simple to leed in or remove the wire rope.

Download data sheet TIRFOR TU and T500 series


Rope hoist BRANO


  • Wide range of use particularly in construction, agriculture, forestry, transport, etc.

  • For lifting and towing loads in all directions.

  • Simple construction, portable.

  • The option of manipulating loads at various distances.

  • Easy transport.

  • Easy and safe use.

  • Safety device against overloading.

  • Long service life.

  • Telescopic control lever.

  • Fulfils the requirements of standard EN 13157.

  • Lifting capacities : 800 (BRA 8), 1600 (BRA 16) and 3200 kg (BRA 32).

  • Trekking capacities : 1200 (BRA 8), 2400 (BRA 16) and 4800 kg (BRA 32).

  • For the technical data of this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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