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Ultra compact KITO lever hoist LX series

250 kg
500 kg
  • Extremely compact and light

    Kito’s innovative technology makes the LX series extremely compact and light. It’s very easy to carry, and easy to use, even in tight quarters or in elevated work locations. What’s more, it can be conveniently stored in a special carrying case (LX003 only).

  • Maintainability

    Fasteners are designed to protect threads from damage making maintenance easier.

  • Nickel-plated chain
    Kito’s unique R&D produces world-class performance. The grade 100 (1000 N/mm2) chain, made from a special high strength alloy, features an unbeatable combination of toughness and resistance to corrosion & wear.

  • Hook latch with safety mechanism
    The hook latch employs tip-supporting structure for guaranteed holding and is highly resistant to deformation and damage.

  • Kito’s original free chain adjusting mechanism
    A required chain length is provided instantly with ease by simply turning the selector lever to “N (neutral)” position.

  • Reliable load-holding performance
    The LX series, designed with a single-step reduction gear, is characterized by a small manual fastening force and assured load holding. Reliable load fastening can be provided to the last clicking of the lever.

Download data sheet KITO lever chain hoist LX




KITO lever hoist LB series

800 kg
1000 kg
1600 kg
2500 kg
3200 kg
6300 kg
9000 kg
Chain adjusting mechanism
Load signal
  • Smaller and lighter

    Kito's innovative technology makes this model smaller and lighter than ever before. It’s easy to carry and store, and the LEVER BLOCK is much , easier to use, even in a narrow working spaces.

  • Nickel-plated chain
    Kito's unique R&D produces world-class performance. The grade 100 (1OOON/mm2) chain made from a special high strength alloy, features an unbeatable combination of toughness and resistance to corrosion & wear.

  • High-strength frame
    High grade alloy steel with solid construction, a patented induction hardening process on the load supporting part, and increased material thickness produces an extremely strong and rigid frame.

  • Lever Handle
    A new shape and thicker material creates a very strong lever handle.

  • Hook Latch with safety mechanism
    Thicker material makes the latch stronger, and engagement with the tip of the hook creates secure closure.

  • Hooks
    Hooks are forged from high strength alloy steel allowing the larger capacities - 21/2 through 9 ton - to use hooks that are smaller and lighter.

  • Cap Nuts
    Cap nuts fasten the gear case and brake cover protecting the screw from damage and making maintenance easier.

  • Kito's Original Free Chain Adjusting mechanism
    Use the Free 'Knob to quickly and easily adjust the chain. Unique design safeguards against inadvertent freewheeling under load. (see pictures)

  • Reliable Brake (mechanical brake)
    Delivers positive performance thanks to a brake design incorporating two dry type asbestos-free brake pads and four braking surfaces. Includes two brake pawls for added reliability.

  • Kito Load signal (Overload detection device): Option
    Alerts the operator when hoist is used to lift loads beyond rated capacity. Alert is indicated by green signal changing to red, handle deflecting 15- degrees, and an audible click.

  • Bottom Yoke with protecting guard
    Features a guard protecting the chain pin & nut from damage, enhancing safety.



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