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Planer jacks


Mechanical jacks SIMPLEX

  • 8 Models.

  • Holds the load indefinitely without creep down.

  • Positive stop.

  • High capacities.

  • Low handle efforts.

  • Steel lever bars sold separately.



  • Four different models are available, with capacities ranging from 2 to 8 tons. They are used in leveling work on plane beds, millers and other machinery.

  • Screw's operation provides infinite height adjustments for exact leveling. The side-Iocking screw keeps the jack extended and prevents lowering due to vibration. The bail and socket cap swivels to center load forces. The notched base fastens easily to machine beds.



  • 9 Models.

  • Ductile iron bodies for strength.

  • Positive stop for safety.

  • Supports loads indefinitely, and won't creep down.

  • Serrated load cap.

  • Steel lever bars sold separately.


Push/pull jacks SIMPLEX

  • The model 610 is used for pushing or pulling, holding & more; ideal for weld shops.

  • For added versatility, the end nuts are designed to permit the use of chains with eye hooks. Steel lever bar is ordered separately.

  • The ratchet screw assembly may be custom adapted to almost any push/pull application such as adjusting forms, fixtures, doors, flues, and dampers. Incorporates 1 1/4-6 Acme class 2G, right and left hand thread

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