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Single Scissor EL

  • Stroke approx. 0.62 x platform length.

  • Upto 15 tonnes payload.

  • Multi purpose use.

  • Strong, reliable design.


Double Horizontal Scissor Lifte EHL

  • Up to 30 tonnes payload.

  • Stroke approx. 0.32 x platform lift length.

  • Lift is suitable for long loads.

  • Lift is mechanically synchronised.


Double Vertical Scissor EVL

  • Up to 4 tonnes payload.

  • Stroke approx. 1.2x platform length.

  • Suitable for high rise lifts.


Low Closed SEL-SVEL

  • For Euro-pallets.

  • Pit not necessary.

  • For light duty use.


Stainless Steel Tables

  • Also hot dipped galvanised.

  • For hostile environments, inc. chlorine.

  • Totally enclosed box section.

  • Bead blasted surface.

  • Recommended for food industry use.


Hydraulic Tables LARZEP

  • A single lift 1.500 Kg capacity and 915 mm high.

  • A double lift 500 Kg capacity and 1.600 mm high.

  • A foot pedal is fitted to power the lifting table quickly to the load contact.

  • Special lowering valve means that the process is safe and controlled. Overload security valve.

  • Heavy duty swivel castors.“T” handle facilitates easier operation.

  • The table can be locked in different heights with safety bolts.

  • Strong steel platform, 1.000x500 mm area.

  • A foot pedal is fitted to power the lifting table quickly to the load contact, then operated with the handle. The frame is in accordance with the lifting tables security standards. Security pitch between shear legs.

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