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Rack and pinion jack with claw BRANO Hi-Lift Jacks Mechanical jacks
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks Lifting Cushions  


Rack and pinion jack with claw BRANO

  • for lifting and manipulating loads of various types.

  • for installation work of all types, particularly in construction .

  • may also be used in environments with a risk of explosion (NEXP symbol).

  • robust, simple and “indestructible” construction.

  • lifting (expanding) actions using the head or side brace.

  • reliably holds the load in any position using the lock built into the crank.

  • acceptable actuating force in the crank.

  • increased operating comfort in the version with the ratchet handle ( “RK“ symbol).

  • low maintenance requirements.


Hi-Lift Jacks

  • With over 100 years of quality, the Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping. Although light in weight and easy to maneuver, the Hi-Lift Jack offers a rated capacity of 4,660 lbs (2114 kg) and a tested capacity of 7,000 lbs (3175 kg).

  • Only Hi-Lift Jacks are made with a two-piece handle and socket design that is built for extended life. Cheaper imitations use a one-piece design that bends easily if lateral pressure is applied while lifting a load.

  • These jacks are designed to help you survive in the most demanding situations – whether you are in the Moab desert canyons, the Welsh Mountains, the Amazon jungle, or the farmlands of Indiana. With a full-range of specially designed accessories, the Hi-Lift jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading/farm/auto recovery equipment you can buy.

  • Approximate weight: 30lbs (14 kg).

  • 4,660 lbs (2113.74 kg) rated capacity.

  • Tested capacity 7,000 lbs.

  • Climbing pins of specially processed steel with 125,000 PSI tensile strength and 100,000 PSI yield.

  • Steel bar is manufactured of specially rolled extra high carbon steel with 80,000 pound minimum tensile & carbon .69 to .82.

  • Steel handle of 14gauge high-yield structural tubing with minimum yield of 55,000 PSI. 1 5/16" diameter x 30" long.


Ratchet jacks SIMPLEX

  • 8 Models.

  • Double-lever sockets for jacking in close quarters.

  • Multiple-tooth pawls for strength & safety.

  • Drop-forged, alloy steel, heat-treated components.

  • Adjustable spring links.

  • Plated springs to resist corrosion.

  • Precision machining throughout.

  • Large base insures a firm foundation.

  • Supports full rated capacity on the toe or the cap.

  • Steel lever bars sold separately.

  • The 1017 and 22B incorporate a ductile iran housing for maximum durability.

  • The A1022, which is identical ta the 22B except for an aluminum housing, is the ideal choice when portability is important. These jacks are often selected for lifts of 10 tons or less because of their low handle effort



  • 8 Models.

  • Self-contained or remote models for maximum versatility.

  • Low toe heights fit in tight clearances.

  • The lowest handle effort for easy operation.

  • The lowest weights for reduced back injuries.

  • Swivel sockets for access in close quarters. (T JH5 & T JH10 Only).

  • New light weight T JH1 09LS and T JH1 05A.



Hydraulic jacks TANGYE

  • Powerful – models available from 20 to 100 tonne capacity.

  • Versatile – different stroke options, claw lift, screwed ram or plain ram.

  • Low Clearance – claw models are available for lifting loads with low ground clearance.

  • Load Sustaining – jacks with a screwed ram and load retaining ring should be selected when loads are to be sustained for a significant time.

  • Easy Operation – the operating lever can be fitted in any one of the three positions in the quadrant to obtain the most suitable operating height.


RMH machine jacks

  • Designed for repair, maintenance and mounting of heavy machines.

  • Compact and stable construction.

  • Can be used in any position.

  • Very low foot.

  • The housing can be rotated in 360°.

  • The lowering speed can be adjusted finely.

  • Overload prevention.

  • Patented construction.

  • The pump lever is detachable.



Hydraulic Bottle Jacks LARZEP

  • From 2 to 50 ton.

  • Models type “A” with one hydraulic extension and extension screw until 30 ton model.

  • Models type “AB” telescopic with two hydraulic extensions. 2 and 4 ton models with extension screw.

  • Models type “AC” with pressure gauge.

  • All models with safety valve.

  • Forged material base. Supplied with zinc coated handle and individual cardboard box.

  • Models type “AC” with pressure gauge, calibrated to read in tonnes. Telescopic model AB30421 with V-crutch. Bottle jacks work in horizontal position with the pump handle situated nearest the ground.


Lifting Cushions

  • Pneumatic cushion made of friction resistant material.

  • Collapsed height of 28 to 30 mm.

  • Working pressure: 8 bar.

  • Often used in rescue operations, rubble lifting in collapses, etc.

  • Excellent for lifting loads at restricted spaces.

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