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Kito EF series



  • Capacities: 125 to 2000 kg.

  • Dual speed available for each model.

  • Standard voltage: 230/400V. Other voltages on request.

  • Pull rotor type motor brake

    Exclusive pull-rotor type motor braking system provides high braking capability for the most reliable way to stop the load at the desire positions.

  • Pull-Rotor Type Motor
    Totally enclosed exclusive pull rotor type motor permits ideal operation of hoists. (Insulation Class B)

  • Wear-Resistant Friction Clutch

    KITO's friction clutch, which prevents from over-winding, allows the motor to run free at the highest and lowest hook positions. The Friction Clutch is factory preset and needs no adjustment under normal operations.

  • Aluminum Hoist Body
    Aluminum die-casting hoist body provides lighter weight, compactness, high mobility and rapid heat dissipation. Totally enclosed weather-resistance construction allows ideal use in humid atmosphere. (Equivalent to IP 54 Grade as specified by I.E.C. Push button swich IP 65).

  • Quick Change of Voltage

    To change from the voltage to the other, it is only necessary to change the position of lead wires on three phase hoists.

  • Highly Insulated Push Button Station

    Push button station enclosed in a high insulation plastic houseing. "UP" and "DN" buttons are mechanically interlocked for safe swich operations. Low Voltage: 48V push button station and direct voltage model are available on request on both 3 phase and single phase hoists.

  • Swivel Bottom Hook

    Drop-forged heat treated hook does not fracture but opens slowly when excessively overloaded. Built-in bearing assures easy swiveling of bottom hook. Overload warning device: Load Bell is available as option for warning overloading.


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